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supports companies with data-driven, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based innovation. Jörgen Sandig is former CEO and co-founder of Scyfer BV, an AI specialized startup, founded in 2014 and is acquired by Qualcomm Technologies Netherlands BV in Augustus 2017. Scyfer delivered many AI-based solutions for customers around the world. 

Vision on AI

Artificial intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data visualization terminology used in a new branch of IT services. This can be quite confusing. AI may lead to great business innovation but also to huge disappointment. To avoid disappointment, don’t start your AI project with the currently available data. If you start with the currently available data that is generated by old/current inefficient processes you miss out on the opportunity of fundamental business innovation and to experience the innovative power of AI.

You also need to manage end-user expectations, otherwise, the AI solution will never be trusted, accepted and used. One way to manage this acceptance by making the end-users responsible for training the AI solution and make them responsible for the quality of the decisions made by the AI solution.

AI approach

An AI project is highly comparable to standard software development. Although building an AI solution is highly dependent on data, the following approach is very effective:

  • Start with an assessment of the possible impact of AI on the business and business innovation opportunities
  • Based on the results of the assessment, think about how the current way of working will change and how the AI solution will be used
  • Then think about the required data to train the AI solution and how to generate this data
  • Start AI development and build the required data infrastructure


Jörgen Sandig can help you set up successful AI projects. Based on his experience on the business side, he can help you ask the right questions and guide you in the complex world of AI and Machine Learning. He can also help you to create a team with the right competences and the right mindset to deliver working solutions. This can be a mix of internal and external resources, depending on your ambitions.


If you want to know more about AI and Machine Learning and my services, please reach out to me by email or phone. I’m always open to share my vision, insights and happy to make complex things easy to understand and to apply.

Kind regards,
Jörgen Sandig