About Jörgen

I’m the founder of Jörgen Sandig Consultancy. I’m supporting business and IT alignment in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domain to help companies discover, and gain the most business value with this technology.

From 2014 until August 2017 I was co-founder and CEO of Scyfer BV that got acquired by Qualcomm Technologies. I was involved in handing over the Scyfer team to Qualcomm as Director Engineering and after this, I picked up my consultancy activities again. Scyfer BV is specialized in Machine Learning solutions and delivers a Deep Learning platform to detect patterns in images and video’s and in large and complex data sets.

Before co-founding Scyfer I worked for 15 years in different organizations in the area of Customer Intelligence and Database marketing, CRM, web analytics, data warehousing, BigData and IT architecture within complex organizations (see also https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgensandig/).

Currently, I’m also co-founder of Scoutely, helping corporates innovate and experience new technology by collaboration with startups. I also coach startups to become successful companies. I’m active as a coach at Pacmed.ai.

About Scyfer BV

Scyfer was founded in 2014 by Prof Dr. Max Welling, Taco Cohen, Tijmen Blankevoort and myself. Scyfer was specialized in developing machine learning solutions. See some of the media coverages on the acquisition of Scyfer by Qualcomm:

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